Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

Do I have to download any additional software?
No, our online gas safety training courses are designed to run on your system as it is. They are accessed using any standard internet browser on a PC, Mac, laptop, i-Pad or notepad.

Do I have to complete the online course all in one go?
No, our online training system allows you to log in and out when you want. There is no time limit on how long it takes you to complete your training and the courses are available 24 hours a day. You can even start the training using one computer and then carry on using a different one.

How long should it take me to complete an online workshop?
The time taken to complete one of our online gas safety training workshop depends on which workshop is being studied and your pre-existing knowledge. The average time to complete each individual module of your course will be provided as a guide to you.

I’m not very good with computers, will it be difficult?
No, the workshops have been designed in association with IT professionals and are suited to all computer skill levels.

Will I get any course notes?
Yes you will. On successful completion of your training workshop you will be given online access to the course support documentation, which remains available to you indefinitely and is updated free of charge.

Will I get a certificate?
Yes, as long as you score 75% or more you will be given online access to your personal course certificate that confirms you have successfully completed the training. The certificate is in PDF format, meaning you can print it and/or download and save it. The certificate is valid for 2 years.

How are these online gas safety training workshops different from just reading a book or a webpage?
Our workshops include graphics, tips and real world examples, all designed to keep the training engaging and entertaining.