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Gas Cylinder Safety Training, Commercial Organisations

We offer a range of safety training e-learning workshops on the safe use, handling and storage of gas cylinders and associated equipment:

Using Compressed Cylinder Gases Safely (Non Oxy-Fuel) – this workshop is for individuals who use cylinder gases and equipment in a wide range of applications. Typically this may be in a laboratory or research environment however the training is designed to meet the needs of most cylinder gas users.

Using Oxy-fuel Gases Safely – this e-workshop is for individuals who use oxy-fuel gas cylinders and equipment for a variety of purposes including cutting, burning, heating, brazing and welding. The course covers oxy-acetylene and oxy-propane, plus many other gases typically used in an industrial environment.

Using LPG Propane Cylinders Safely – this workshop is for individuals who use LPG propane cylinders and associated equipment only. The training covers many LPG propane applications including blow torches, brazing, shrink wrapping, fork lift trucks and bitumen boilers.

Transporting Gas Cylinders Safely – this workshop is for individuals who transport gas cylinders in or on service vehicles. It is primarily aimed at people transporting gas cylinders in small to medium quantities, but it also gives guidance on what you should do when carrying a large load.

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