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Our Workshops

We have over 30 years experience providing gas safety training. We train many thousands of gas users each year.

We launched our online learning system in 2006. The constantly updated e-learning workshops have been designed to meet the needs of people who have not received training before and those who need to complete refresher training.

Each online safety training workshop consists of a number of concise modules that guide the learner through the safe working practices relevant to the gases they use.

At the end of each module learners answer multiple-choice questions, their performance on which is assessed. Once they have successfully completed their training they can access their personalised certificate and comprehensive support documentation for their ongoing reference.

Please click on the links below or in the Our Workshops navigation above for further information on our range of gas cylinder, liquid nitrogen and dry ice e-learning workshops.

Universities, colleges and schools – our gas safety e-learning workshops specifically designed for staff and students within universities, colleges and schools.

Dry ice – this e-learning workshop is designed to meet the needs of both new and experienced users of dry ice.

Gas cylinder training – our range of e-learning workshops covering the safe use, handling and storage of compressed gases, gas cylinders and associated equipment.

Liquid nitrogen – our e-learning workshops for individuals who use liquid nitrogen and associated equipment in a wide range of applications.

Transporting gas cylinders – this e-learning workshop is for individuals who transport gas cylinders by road.

Medical gases – our range of e-learning workshops for medical gas cylinder users.

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